Noleggio moto Honda


Technical features

Displacement: 471 cc
Power: 35 kW (48 CV)
Tank: 17,7 lt
Saddle height: 830 mm
Weight: 197 kg


Honda CB500X rental

An excellent entry level with “grown-up” ambitions. The new CB500X has all the credentials to fully enter the wonderful world of crossover. The touristic use of this Honda is in fact absolutely within the reach of its standard equipment: 48 horsepower parallel twin engine, suspension with soft calibration, comfortable saddle and well-designed air protection make it an excellent travel companion even in transfers long range. Compared to the older sisters, it certainly does not enjoy a power that tears the arms at the traffic light, but its 35 kW combined with a low weight winks at 18-year-olds who want miles and adventure. The 19 “front wheel and the wide turning radius also allow you to have an easy life even in the city and when maneuvering from a standstill. Finally, everything is enhanced by the excellent finishes that have always distinguished the models of the winged house.

A rental of this CB500X will certainly give comfortable and carefree kilometers to those in search of simplicity.

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