Technical features

Displacement: 1.079 cc
Power: 63 kW (86 CV)
Tank: 15 lt
Saddle height: 810 mm
Weight: 206 kg


Ducati Scrambler 1100 rental

With the Scrambler 1100, Ducati‘s so-called Land of Joy is enriched. The lines and style descend from the first-born Scrambler Icon 800, with a natural and light injection of muscle. The chassis, suspension and braking system are all new and adapted to the thrust of the new 86 HP twin-cylinder heart, capable of a consistent torque of 88 Nm, which can be managed, if necessary, through 3 Riding Modes (Active, Journey and City). An interesting element is also the traction control, which can be adjusted to 4 levels and can be deactivated if necessary.

The behavior on the road does not deny the origins: easy, intuitive and very agile like its younger sister, also suitable for those who do not have years of experience between curves and hairpin bends.

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