Technical features

Displacement: 1.254 cc
Power: 100 kW (136 CV)
Tank: 20 lt
Saddle height: 870 mm
Weight: 249 kg


BMW R 1250 GS rental

It’s the natural evolution of the previous 1200 version, from which it inherits all the excellent cycling and dynamic qualities, improves and completes everything with a new 136 horsepower Euro 5 boxer engine. From a standstill, the new GS certainly makes no mystery of its imposing, almost exaggerated forms. But as soon as you get on and engage the first gear, everything becomes much more familiar, even easy! Agility and manageability without compromise, fast in the mix and very stable at highway speeds. All seasoned with a surgical balance that welcomes the fluid and overwhelming delivery of its two-cylinder heart. With the new R 1250 GS, BMW has really hit the target, making impeccable one of its top models with already practically perfect DNA.

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Bolzano Vicentino (VI)