Technical features

Displacement: 1.170 cc
Power: 92 kW (125 CV)
Tank: 20 lt
Saddle heigth: 870 mm
Weight: 244 kg


BMW R 1200 GS rental

She is the queen of long journeys. The BMW R1200GS is a comfortable motorcycle for traveling, even for two. There is plenty of space for rider and passenger, the vibrations are reduced and the adjustable windshield protects well from the air. The dynamic behavior enjoys, as always, the excellent handling typical of motorcycles equipped with a boxer engine. Her low center of gravity makes the GS very agile in mixed routes and easy for everyone even in the city. The engine has a very good power delivery, smooth on low, with a nice character if it goes beyond 5,000 rpm, and its sound is capable of conquering anyone for its full and engaging sound.

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